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Our Community Webinars

Identity and Privacy: Past, Present, and Digital – Brenda K. Leong – Webinar 12

Alex Preukschat • September 17, 2018 • in Blog

Brenda K. Leong, Senior Counsel & Director of Strategy of the Future of Privacy Forum, will talk about Identity and Privacy. The problem of whether private citizens should be required to have government-issued documentation (verifying their personal identity in order to access goods and services, seek employment, travel, or obtain government benefits), long predates the current […]

Verifiable Credentials 101 for SSI – Tyler Ruff – Webinar 11

Alex Preukschat • September 12, 2018 • in Blog

Tyler Ruff, product manager at Evernym, will be our next guest to walk us through Verifiable Credentials in the context of Self-Sovereign Identity. He will cover how they are created, issued and shared, as well as cover some common technical questions. The Verifiable Credentials discussed are based off a W3C standard for DIDs (decentralized identifiers) […]

Introduction to DID Auth for SSI – Markus Sabadello – Webinar 10

Alex Preukschat • July 4, 2018 • in Blog

Markus Sabadello, CEO of Danube Tech, will talk about DID Auth, an emerging building block in the SSI ecosystem. Although the technical details of DID Auth are not well-defined at this point, its general concept is clear: With self-sovereign identity infrastructure, the most trivial and straightforward functionality for identity owners should be the ability to […]

Our Mission

To create Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) knowledge tools and empower SSI evangelists around the world to set-up their own local communities without boundaries. The only focus is to make SSI happen with Blockchain and other technologies.

Who can join?

Anyone deals with or who wants to deal with Self-Sovereign Identity. This includes: SSI companies, SSI loving organizations, and any SSI evangelist wanting to use community SSI tools or who is otherwise interested in contributing.

Our Principles

What can I/we do?

Anything to support the cause – please get in touch and we will try to find a way to make it happen as we build the community.


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