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Share generously with the world and the world will share generously back with you. That is our mantra 🙂 We share using Creative Commons by SA.

Collaborate & share

Collaborate and share – the world is full of competitions. This space is about collaboration and sharing.

Be honest

Be honest with yourself in your reasons and intentions for collaboration. Any reason is good as long as it’s honest. The world is big (or small depending on how you experience it). We believe if you’re honest you’ll always attract like-minded others to help.

Spread the word

We eat, sleep, and breathe Self-Sovereign Identity. This one thing is already on its way to changing how we interact with each other for the better — forever. Forming local communities without borders will help us get the word out. Join us!

Alex Preukschat

Alex Preukschat

Coordinating Node for SSI Meetup


About Self-Sovereign Identity Meetup

SSI Meetup is an open, collaborative community to help SSI evangelists around the world, independent of company interests or standards. Our main mission is to help you connect with other SSI enthusiasts and create a dynamic, local, yet globally connected community. SSI Meetup was created by Alex Preukschat with initial support from Evernym and is open to any person or company that shares our collaboration principles and quality guidelines.

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Should you join?

Anyone deals with or who wants to deal with Self-Sovereign Identity. This includes: SSI companies, SSI loving organizations, and any SSI evangelist wanting to use community SSI tools or who is otherwise interested in contributing.

Our Principles

How to Help —

Anything to support the cause — please get in touch and we will try to find a way to make it happen as we build the community.


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