Portabl: The state of open banking, regulations, and the intersection of SSI and KYC – Nate Soffio – Webinar 66

Portabl open banking regulations ssi kyc

Complying with Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering regulations is hugely complicated and expensive for financial institutions, and burdensome for their customers. Nate Soffio, Co-Founder and CEO of Portabl, believes that the solution lies in secure, interoperable data – enabled by verifiable credentials. In this webinar, he explains why it is such a thorny problem, how open banking needs to evolve to more of a “tap to prove” model as organizations increasingly need continuous identity assurance, and why despite describing the task as “playing SSI on ‘hard mode’”, he believes building a “compound startup” is the best way to get the job done.



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Download the full presentation “Portabl: The state of open banking, regulations, and the intersection of SSI and KYC” from Google Slides.

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