Anonymous credentials with range proofs, verifiable encryption, ZKSNARKs, Circom support, and blinded issuance – Webinar 69 – Lovesh Harchandani

Lovesh Harchandani from Dock presents their approach to anonymous credentials and dives in on the various predicates that can be proven in zero knowledge. In over 90 minutes of discussion, we cover what these cryptographic techniques are, how they enable several important use cases for digital identity credentials, and we stretch James Monaghan’s ability to keep up as interviewer by taking a look at the source code which makes it all possible! We show how various zero knowledge primitives we’ve built can be used in a modular fashion to solve real-world use cases. We cover privacy-preserving signature schemes, zero knowledge attribute equalities, range proofs, and verifiable encryption based on ZK-SNARKs, expressing arbitrary predicates as Circom programs and creating ZK proofs for them and blinded credentials (issuer is unaware of all attributes). For anyone interested in the technical underpinnings of this new frontier of digital identity, this episode is a must!



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Download the full presentation “Anonymous credentials with range proofs, verifiable encryption, ZKSNARKs, Circom support, and blinded issuance” from Google Slides.

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