Web5 – Open to Build (Block/TBD) – Daniel Buchner – Webinar 65

web5 block tbd

Daniel Buchner thinks we need to save the web. Not the web as we know it, full of closed platforms and intermediaries where both free choice and free speech are curtailed, but the web as it was intended to be: a thriving, open ecosystem of apps and protocols which put individuals at the center. To do this, he and the TBD team at Block are building what they call “Web5” which combines decentralized identifiers, verifiable credentials and personal datastores to create a platform for building truly self-sovereign apps on the web. In this webinar, we go beyond the controversial name to learn what the project is, why it is important, and what we can expect from the upcoming release this summer.



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Download the full presentation “Web5 – Open to Build” from Google Slides.

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