PharmaLedger: A Digital Trust Ecosystem for Healthcare – Daniel Fritz & Marco Cuomo – Webinar 64

pharmaledger digital trust ecosystem healthcare

Daniel Fritz, Executive Director of the PharmaLedger Association and Marco Cuomo, Director of Tech Products & Innovation at Novartis, will present their SSI journey from the initial ideas, through realization of several Proof of Concepts with DIDs and VCs, to the PharmaLedger initiative.  PharmaLedger was a 29 member, 3-year, €22 million project under the EU and EFPIA Innovative Medicine Initiative pursued DIDs with external partners such as the global standards organization GS1 and the Global Legal Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).  The project also resulted in the creation of the PharmaLedger Association in 2022, a non-profit Swiss association mandated to launch the first open-source product, electronic Product Information (eLeaflet). The webinar will review some of the use cases and dive a little into the technical architecture adopted in the project.



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Download the full presentation “PharmaLedger: A Digital Trust Ecosystem for Healthcare” from Google Slides.

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