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DID Resolution: Given a DID how do I retrieve its document? – Markus Sabadello – Webinar 13

Webinar 13 Markus Sabadello DID Resolver

Markus Sabadello, CEO of Danube Tech, will talk about DID Resolution and how to retrieve a DID document. As we know, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are a key component in SSI architecture. They are used as building blocks for verifiable credentials, wallets, agents, and data exchange protocols. To make all this work, we need to be able to “resolve” DIDs to their associated DID Documents. This process fulfills a similar purpose as DNS does in the classic web. And while DID Resolution is not a very complicated topic, it is still important to understand how it works and how it relates to other topics. In this webinar, we will give a general introduction to DID Resolution, discuss a few in-depth topics, and also demo concrete tools that are available today.

Most DID Resolution implementations envision an architecture where a common base component invokes a set of “drivers” or “plugins” or “modules” to implement method-specific functionality, e.g. see the DIF Universal Resolver, Digital Bazaar’s did-client, or the uPort JavaScript DID Resolver. We envision such “DID Resolver” tools to become as central to SSI infrastructure as DNS is for the web today.

Register on this link to join the webinar on the 26 of November 2018 13 pm MT / 09 pm CET.



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