Using SSI for enterprise identity and access management – Sebastian Weidenbach & Christopher Hempel – Webinar 47

Sebastian Weidenbach and Christopher Hempel from esatus AG will explain in this presentation why Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) has great advantages to facilitate enterprise identity and access management. It will also go into detail about how a connection between existing identity and access management solutions and distributed identity ledgers can be implemented.

SSI enables users to create proofs over facts about themselves using a distributed ledger. In an enterprise context, this also means that an employee can send a proof to, for instance, a compatible file server containing data exclusively meant for the human resources department. If this proof is valid and contains the fact that the prover is a member of the human resources department, access can be granted automatically. The need for individual approval by a superior, common reason for the tiresome and expensive delay, is removed.

Switching enterprises’ IAM systems to SSI technology cannot realistically be done in one fell swoop, though, as migrating thousands of accounts and their privileges to a new system is an intimidating task. There are ways to connect SSI technology to existing IAM solutions, though, which are starting to enter the market using gateway components to connect the old and new worlds of identity.

About Sebastian Weidenbach
Sebastian Weidenbach studied computer science at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen and deepened his security know-how with his CISSP certification. For more than ten years he has been working in IT projects, especially for companies in the financial services sector. The focus of his project activities lies in the implementation, managed services and further development of identity & access management tools. At esatus AG, he leads the development of the blockchain and DLT-based IAM tool SeLF.

About Christopher Hempel
Christopher Hempel studied computer science at Hochschule Darmstadt – University of Applied Sciences. He completed his bachelor’s degree by designing and implementing a virtualized test and development environment for information security software solutions. He is interested in classic computing but eagerly absorbs new technologies. He is the lead developer of the esatus I&A prototypes, which leverage Sovrin and Ethereum technologies.


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Download the full presentation “Using SSI for enterprise identity and access management” from Google Slides.

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