Streetcred: Improving the Developer Experience in SSI – Michael Boyd – Webinar 41

Michael is the Cofounder and Chief Product Officer of Streetcred ID. Coming from multiple startup ventures as technical lead, Michael was the first software engineer at Sovrin Foundation, where he was a strong advocate for privacy and security in decentralized identity systems. He was an original contributor to the initial Hyperledger Indy Agent code, which later became Hyperledger Aries Project. He is passionate about creating a pleasant experience for developers who want to implement self-sovereign identity with Streetcred.

In this talk, Michael will discuss the evolution of the developer experience in the SSI community, including the easiest ways to get started building credential issuers, verifiers, and identity wallets. He’ll introduce a framework for how to best approach user experience problems in decentralized identity, touching on hard topics like key management, schema discovery, and building a web of trust.

Register on this link to join the webinar on the 19th of November 1 pm MST / 3 pm EST / 9 pm CET.

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Anyone deals with or who wants to deal with Self-Sovereign Identity. This includes: SSI companies, SSI loving organizations, and any SSI evangelist wanting to use community SSI tools or who is otherwise interested in contributing.

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