Peer DIDs: a secure and scalable method for DIDs that’s entirely off-ledger – Daniel Hardman – Webinar 42

Webinar 42 Peer DIDs

Daniel Hardman, Chief Architect, Evernym / Secretary, Technical Governance Board – Sovrin Foundation will show how Peer DIDs will allow off-chain transactions for the self-sovereign identity (SSI) world.

Most documentation about decentralized identifiers (DIDs) describes them as identifiers that are rooted in a public source of truth like a blockchain, a database, a distributed filesystem, or similar. This publicness lets arbitrary parties resolve the DIDs to an endpoint and keys. It is an important feature for many use cases. However, the vast majority of relationships between people, organizations, and things have simpler requirements. When Alice(Corp|Device) and Bob want to interact, there are exactly and only 2 parties in the world who should care: Alice and Bob. Instead of arbitrary parties needing to resolve their DIDs, only Alice and Bob do. Peer DIDs are perfect in these cases. In many ways, peer DIDs are to public, blockchain-based DIDs what Ethereum Plasma or state channels are to on-chain smart contracts— or what Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is to on-chain cryptopayments. They move interactions off-chain, but offer options to connect back to a chain-based ecosystem as needed. Peer DIDs create the conditions for people, organizations, and things to have full control of their end of the digital relationships they sustain.


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Download the full presentation “Peer DIDs: a secure and scalable method for DIDs that’s entirely off-ledger” from Google Slides.

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