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Overlays 1O1: Establishing Schema Definitions within the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Ecosystem – Paul Knowles – Webinar 17

Paul Knowles, Innovation & Emerging Technology at Dativa and chair of the Schemas and Overlays Working Group at Sovrin Foundation, will be our next guest presenting a new data capture model to the global SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) community.

This talk introduces Overlays, data structures that provide extra layers of contextual and/or conditional information to Schemas. Paul will show how Overlays ensure that Schema definitions can remain in their simplest form thus providing a standard base from which to decentralize data. The extra context provided by Overlays can be used by an Agent to transform how information is displayed to a viewer or to guide the Agent in how to apply a custom process to Schema data. All components within this flexible data capture architecture contain DIDs (Decentralised Identifiers) for linked association and search purposes.

The presentation will also include a live demonstration from *Robert Mitwicki from Lab10 Collective* to show how a set of Overlays can be added to a plain Schema to provide richer complexity to the base structure.

To participate in the Overlays development, webinar attendees can register at Once you’re in, they join the *#indy-semantics* channel. Paul’s handle on that server is “pknowles” and Robert’s is “mtfk”.

Video recording:

Slideshare presentation:

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Download the full presentation “Overlays 1O1: Establishing Schema Definitions within the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Ecosystem” from Google Slides.

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