Liability under GDPR and the Self-Sovereign Identity Model – Elizabeth M. Renieris – Webinar 4

Elizabeth M. Renieris, Global Policy Counsel, Evernym, features in our fourth Webinar “Liability under GDPR and the Self-Sovereign Identity Model” by explaining how SSI and GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) can live together in our upcoming webinar.

One of the myths about GDPR and the right to be forgotten is that blockchain is inherently at odds with the right to be forgotten because of its immutability. But it depends what you’re writing to the ledger, and there are a lot of solutions we’ve seen that make both inherently compatible, because they’re not exactly that, they’re not putting credentials on the ledger. It depends on the chain, it depends on whether you consider forking and other technical measures to actually introduce changes to the record so to speak.

Building trust within these systems has to be tailored to the environment or the industry or the jurisdiction so to speak, so sort of a one-size-fits-all approach to trust isn’t going to work.

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