Interpersonal data, identity, and relationships – in pursuit of collective minds – Philip Sheldrake – Webinar 24

Philip Sheldrake

Philip Sheldrake is a technologist, Chartered Engineer, architect of the Web Science Trust endorsed hi:project, consultant, and a Web Science researcher at Southampton University. He works with the AKASHA Foundation, nurturing projects to help individuals unlock their potential through open systems that expand our collective minds at local, regional and global scales, with a keen eye on the development of regenerative planetary systems.

Grappling with identity will never be easy — those who consider it “solvable” represent a danger to society. The identity community is entangled in code (the technologically possible), law (the legally available), and norms (the socially acceptable). There is no separation of these societal concerns. No reductionism. Life is complex and will remain so.

As Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers note (A Simpler Way, 1996), life’s natural tendency is to organize into greater levels of complexity to support more diversity and greater sustainability. Pertinently, life organizes around a self. Organizing is a living system that always creates identity, and networks, patterns, and structures emerge without external imposition or direction.

Wheatley homes in on three conditions of self-organizing:

1. Identity — the sense-making capacity of the organization

2. Information — the medium of the organization

3. Relationships — the pathways of organization.

This webinar will explore these reciprocally defining domains, the dangers of rigid identity, and the vision for interpersonal data as a substance from which identities may sustain appropriate complexity.

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