Indirect Identity Control: delegation, guardianship, and controllership – Daniel Hardman – Webinar 33

Webinar 33 Indirect Identity Control Daniel Hardman

Daniel Hardman, Chief Architect, Evernym / Secretary, Technical Governance Board – Sovrin Foundation, will compare and contrast three forms of indirect identity control that have much in common and that should be explored together: delegation, guardianship, and controllership.

Daniel will recommend mechanisms that allow identity technology to model each with flexibility, precision, and safety. These recommendations can be applied to many decentralized identity and credentialing ecosystems.

Daniel has been a software engineer, architect, and dev leader for a quarter century–much of it intersecting with the fields of cybersecurity and digital identity. He developed the original specs for Hyperledger Indy’s SDK, and has contributed code or guidance to most of the Indy codebases. He writes regularly on identity topics. He’s also worked in machine learning/AI, supercomputers, public and private cloud, big data, SaaS, and enterprise software, and he’s founded and sold a dot com. He has graduate degrees in computational linguistics and business. He currently serves as the secretary for the Technical Governance Board of the Sovrin Foundation.

Register on this link to join the webinar on the 23rd of July 1 pm MST / 3 pm EST / 9 pm CET.

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