Identity-centric interoperability with the Ceramic Protocol – Joel Thorstensson – Webinar 57

Ceramic is a new permissionless protocol for creating and accessing unstoppable documents that serve as the foundation for a connected, interoperable web without silos. Joel Thorstensson is the founder and CTO of 3Box and the primary author of the ceramic protocol as well as several Ethereum standards for identity and will provide a conceptual and technical intro to Ceramic.

At the root of many of the internet’s problems is that apps and services today are built primarily in silos. This includes identity registries and credentials, user data and access permissions, infrastructure, and services. It not only puts control over data and identities in the wrong hands, but it’s a fundamentally outdated and inefficient model for building digital products.

Ceramic unlocks information interoperability between all platforms and services across the web, allowing participants to create and resolve documents for any type of information without any centralized service. Ceramic uses DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers), IPLD (InterPlanetary Linked Data), signed messages, and blockchain anchoring to create a trusted and shared graph of verifiable documents. While flexible, these documents are especially well-suited for self-sovereign identity systems, user-centric data ecosystems, and open web services.



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Download the full presentation “Identity-centric interoperability with the Ceramic Protocol ” from Google Slides.

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