eSSIF-Lab: creating & funding an interoperable SSI infrastructure in Europe – Webinar 52

Attend this webinar to learn about the eSSIF-Lab (EU H2020) project with Oskar van Deventer and Rieks Joosten from TNO in the Netherlands.

WHY: the eSSIF-Lab vision, objectives, and intended benefits;
WHAT: its (initial) functional architecture/components;
HOW: ways in which you may contribute (and possibly get funded for that).

eSSIF-Lab is an EU H2020 project whose purpose is to fundamentally improve real-life transactions via the Internet, by focusing on next-generation mental models for such next generation transactions, and using SSI technologies and implementations to realize them.

Today, conducting an online business transaction consist of an individual that fills in an online form, which is subsequently processed (data is validated, and a commitment decision is made). Filling in and validating forms can be quite tedious, frustrating, time consuming and costly. Digitally inexperienced people are known to give up on requesting (social) benefits they are entitled to, enlarging the digital divide. But even people with an academic background and years of IT experience find this difficult.

In the SSI-enabled world as eSSIF-Lab sees it, an SSI IT infrastructure can help to find, provide and validate the needed data electronically. This makes filling and processing forms much easier (people no longer have to understand forms, upload pdfs, etc.), much faster (people no longer have to go places to get paperwork) much cheaper (saving tens of billions of euro’s – or even more – on verification/validation costs and IT-links).

The current wealth of SSI-related products, technologies and standards is insufficient for realizing this vision, because it generally lacks interoperability and scalability, and does not address the process- and business levels.

eSSIF-Lab calls for a scalable and interoperable technological infrastructure that is very easy to use by and integrate with (the IT, the processes and the business/policies of) arbitrary organizations and individuals to request, obtain, store and issue data objects whose meaning (semantics), origin (provenance) and integrity can be proved (verified) – which is basically what SSI is all about.

The main task of the eSSIF-Lab consortium is to coordinate between and fund projects of SME’s/startups (from EU/EEA countries) that contribute to the realization of this vision, in terms of technology and/or associated business propositions, and that will work together so as to benefit from each other’s contributions.



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Download the full presentation “eSSIF-Lab: creating & funding an interoperable SSI infrastructure in Europe” from Google Slides.

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