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A banking approach to decentralized identity and building a credential ecosystem – Mike Brown – Webinar 20

Webinar 20 ATB Banking SSI - Mike Brown

Mike Brown is the Director of Product Innovation with ATB Financial, leading their efforts on blockchain-related technologies. With 5,000 team members serving over 725,000 Albertans for the past 80 years, ATB Financial is Alberta’s largest home grown financial institution. This presentation provides an overview of the work ATB has done to-date through various proof-of-concepts around self-sovereign identity, and their current efforts around developing an ecosystem within Alberta (Canada) around SSI, and more specifically around trusted credentials.

ATB’s recent efforts has brought together a dozen organizations from around the province to join forces in understanding how they can each engage as issuers and verifiers of credentials, and how that will add value to our citizens and to each of the organizations.

Join Mike as he shares their vision and the steps they’re taking to make Alberta a leader in enabling a trusted digital economy through a diverse and robust credential ecosystem.

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