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May 13, 2023

Making privacy-preserving digital credentials fun – Cheqd – Ankur Banerjee – Webinar 63

Everyone is excited about SSI but there still aren’t any use cases that form part of people’s daily lives, so the team at Cheqd set out to change that. In this session, Ankur Banerjee walks through the research that led them to settle on social reputation in Web3 ecosystems as a use case that would...

April 28, 2023

PolygonID Zero-Knowledge Identity for Web2 & Web3 – Otto Mora – Webinar 62

Polygon ID offers tools that allow developers to build self-sovereign, decentralized and private identity solutions for users that leverage zero knowledge proofs. Polygon ID was released as open source last March at Eth Denver. In this presentation, Otto Mora, BD Lead for Americas, and Oleksander Brezhniev, Technical Lead at Polygon ID, will be covering aspects...

April 5, 2023

Building SSI Products: A Guide for Product Managers – James Monaghan – Webinar 61

Self-sovereign identity, decentralised identity, web5… collectively “ID Tech” has become a much more mainstream topic in recent years, and we are seeing an increasing number of products being built using these new technologies. However, with all the hand-wringing about adoption that we hear in the industry, it can sometimes feel like a hammer looking for...

June 24, 2020

Solving compliance for crypto businesses using Decentralized Identity – Pelle Braendgaard – Webinar 60

A new global framework for regulating the crypto industry is coming into place this year. One of the most important new rules that businesses interacting with crypto has to implement is what is known as the Travel Rule. The Travel Rule, which is also known as The Wire Transfer rule, requires a business managing crypto...

May 26, 2020

The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) for SSI – Tim Bouma – Webinar 59

We are very proud to release a special webinar to introduce the next chapter of the “Self-Sovereign Identity Book” from two of the most eminent authorities on digital identity in government: Tim Bouma and Dave Roberts, senior public servants with the Government of Canada and major contributors to the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF). In this...

May 19, 2020

Key Event Receipt Infrastructure (KERI): A secure identifier overlay for the internet – Sam Smith – Webinar 58

Samuel M. Smith will present KERI that stands for Key Event Receipt Infrastructure. Its a ledger-less approach to identity that enables a universal decentralized key management infrastructure (DKMI). KERI is the basis for a new proposed universal DID method DID:uni. Because KERI identifiers are portable they are truly self-sovereign. The primary root-of-trust in KERI is...

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