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Verifiable Credentials 101 for SSI – Tyler Ruff – Webinar 11

Webinar 11 Verifiable Credentials Tyler Ruff

Tyler Ruff, product manager at Evernym, will be our next guest to walk us through Verifiable Credentials in the context of Self-Sovereign Identity. He will cover how they are created, issued and shared, as well as cover some common technical questions.

The Verifiable Credentials discussed are based off a W3C standard for DIDs (decentralized identifiers) and Verifiable Credentials. The hope is that educating the identity and blockchain community on best practices for creating, issuing, storing and sharing Verifiable Credentials will foster interoperability between identity providers, ultimately making the whole ecosystem more valuable to the end consumer.
The focus of this presentation is how Verifiable Credentials work, and why the different steps and components are necessary.

If we can make Verifiable Credentials truly interoperable across industries, providers and domains, we can take a giant step forward towards a real self-sovereign world where individuals are in control of their digital lives and can benefit from every interaction they have—online and off. It all starts with getting interoperable, Verifiable Credentials under your control.

Register on this link to join the webinar on the 18 of Sepember 13pm MT / 09:00pm CET.



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