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Webinar 6 Daniel Hardman Digital Identity and SSI

June 13, 2018

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is exploding as a topic. It can be hard to make sense of all the initiatives and technologies, and of similar words like “decentralized identity.” However, a few deep themes are emerging as foundational elements, no matter which details are true of your favorite approach. This webinar with Daniel Hardman, Chief Architect, Evernym […]


June 1, 2018

Kim Hamilton Duffy, CTO of Learning Machine, Principal Architect of Blockcerts and co-chair W3C Credentials Community Group, will be our next guest to share her knowledge with the global SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) community. This talk will demystify Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) via the simple Bitcoin Reference (BTCR) DID Method. Kim will introduce the basics of DIDs and […]

SSI & MyData

May 17, 2018

Antti ‘Jogi’ Poikola, Researcher at Aalto University and Sovrin Foundation Trustee, features in our third Webinar “SSI & MyData” by explaining how MyData is both an alternative vision and guiding technical principles for how we, as individuals, can have more control over the data trails we leave behind us in our everyday actions. The core idea of MyData is that we, […]


May 8, 2018

Drummond Reed, Chief Trust Officer at Evernym and Sovrin Foundation Trustee, features in our second Webinar “Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs): The Fundamental Building Block of Self-Sovereign Identity” by giving us a detailed explanation of what DIDs are, where they come from and what makes them one of the cornerstones to build Self Sovereign Identity. We recommend […]

The Story of SSI Open Standards Drummond Reed

April 27, 2018

Drummond Reed, Chief Trust Officer at Evernym and Sovrin Foundation Trustee, features in our first Webinar “The Story of SSI Open Standards” by giving us the background on the foundation of Self Sovereign Identity. Drummond explains the technical and development aspects of DIDs, DKMS, DID Auth and Verifiable Credentials that will make Self Sovereign Identity […]



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