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Alastria Digital Identity: the Spanish Blockchain solution for SSI – Carlos Pastor – Webinar 7

Webinar 7 Alastria Digital Identity

Alastria is an association to foster the implementation of a Spanish national blockchain whose nodes are run by Alastria members. Alastria gathers over 250 cross-industry members and was initiated by the some of the biggest corporations in Spain. Alastria ID proposes an implementation of the Self Sovereign Identity paradigm over a public-permissioned Blockchain and will be presented by Carlos Pastor, Alastria’s Digital Identity Commission Leader, in this upcoming webinar from

Alastria ID vision is to become the cornerstone of a legally binding ID for members and final users, giving users complete control over their personal data. Alastria ID not only strives to be “GDPR compliant”, but also to become the best and easiest way to fulfill GDPR user rights, providing a full-fledged Identity management solution from identity creation to attestation and claim management, including consent as well as  issuer revocation and user deletion rights.

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